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We guarantee a minimum **15% increase in conversion rates** and vehicle enquiries in the first three months of implementing our recommended optimizations. If we don't achieve this, you'll receive additional optimization services at no extra cost until we achieve this.

Unlock the Power of Digital Transformation for Your Dealership.

In today's fiercely competitive automotive landscape, seizing the digital opportunity is no longer an option—it's a necessity. At Digita, we specialize in helping Vehicle Finance Companies and Dealerships like yours embark on a digital journey that drives results.

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The Challenge:

Converting website visitors into leads and customers can be challenging. Dealerships and finance companies need effective lead generation and nurturing strategies with some traditional dealerships and finance companies finding it difficult to adapt to digital transformation, hindering the integration of technology into their operations and marketing strategies. The automotive industry is highly competitive, with numerous dealerships and finance companies vying for consumers' attention and standing out in a crowded market can be an uphill struggle.

What's grinding those gears?

Industry Expertise:

Finding a digital agency with specific expertise in the automotive industry can be challenging. Vehicle finance and dealership businesses have unique needs and dynamics that require specialized knowledge and experience.

Proven Track Record

You need an agency with a track record of measurable results for businesses like yours. Demonstrated success in increasing leads, sales, and customer engagement is a must.

Return on Investment (ROI):

You want a clear plan for achieving a positive ROI. Tangible results in increased leads, sales, and business growth are non-negotiable.

How we get you more traction in website sales and inquiries:

Incorporate specific marketing and selling tools such as financing calculators, instant finance decisions, large vehicle selection, and chatbots to engage visitors and help them find the right vehicle and financing solution.

Optimize your website for conversions with persuasive design elements, clear calls-to-action, and streamlined checkout processes to drive sales and inquiries.

Showcase technological innovations in both vehicles and financing options, positioning yourself as forward-thinking industry leaders.

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We’ll assess your website and provide opportunities for conversion optimization and digital transformation. Whether we address existing issues or build a brand-new website, our goal is to drive results. We provide tailored websites for Vehicle Finance Companies and Dealerships incorporating AutoConvert and MarketCheck API’s, providing customers more choice in vehicles and instant decisions on finance. Extend your reach to new markets, drive new sales and attract beyond your locale.

How We Alleviate Your Pain Points:

Industry Expertise:

We understand your unique needs and have a proven track record in the automotive sector.

Budget Constraints:

Our pre-built technology tools streamline digital transformation, delivering cost-effective solutions.

Proven Track Record:

Our success stories in the industry ensure effective strategies aligned with your goals.

Target Audience Understanding:

We know your audience inside out, allowing us to engage and convert effectively.

Experience Positive Outcomes with Digital transformation from Digita

Our Guarantee:

0 %+
increase in conversion rates

We guarantee a minimum **15% increase in conversion rates** and vehicle enquiries in the first three months of implementing our recommended optimizations. If we don’t achieve this, you’ll receive additional optimization services at no extra cost until we achieve this.

Case Study: Revolutionizing Car Finance: ConnectMe's Success Story

ConnectMe Car Finance, a prominent car dealership in the West Midlands, England, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its online presence and customer experience. They sought a solution to streamline the car purchasing process and make financing more accessible to their customers. This case study delves into how Digita partnered with ConnectMe to create a cutting-edge website, seamlessly integrating AutoConvert and MarketCheck APIs, ultimately driving a remarkable 23% increase in conversion rates and revolutionizing the way customers shop for vehicles.

The Challenge: ConnectMe Car Finance faced a multitude of challenges typical in the automotive industry. They needed to modernize their website to simplify the car buying process and make financing options more readily available to customers. The existing site lacked the technological prowess to offer real-time vehicle data, and it was imperative to compete in a market where speed and options mattered. Additionally, ConnectMe Car Finance aimed to enhance their visibility in search engines to attract more potential buyers.

Our Approach:

  1. Integrated AutoConvert Finance API: We integrated the AutoConvert finance API into ConnectMe’s website, allowing customers to receive finance approvals in as little as 90 seconds. This streamlined process removed the usual friction associated with car financing, making it quick and convenient.

  2. MarketCheck API Integration: The integration of the MarketCheck API enabled ConnectMe to showcase the latest vehicles on the market, with live data feeds. This eliminated the need for extensive stock management, ensuring that customers always saw the most up-to-date inventory.

  3. Plugin-Based Technology: Leveraging WordPress and plugin-based technology, we ensured that the solution could be easily deployed and connected to any account through the API, providing flexibility and scalability for ConnectMe Car Finance.

  4. Optimized for Speed: Recognizing the importance of mobile users, we optimized the website for speed, delivering a seamless experience across devices. This enhanced user experience contributed to increased engagement.

The Ongoing Evolution: Our partnership with ConnectMe Car Finance is ongoing. We are currently working on further optimizing their website and implementing a new SEO strategy. This strategy will improve their online visibility, making it easier for potential customers searching for used vehicles in England to discover ConnectMe.

Take Action Today: Are you ready to transform your car dealership’s online presence and drive remarkable results? Connect with Digita today, and let’s embark on a journey to redefine your success. Our expertise in website development, API integration, and SEO strategies can elevate your business, just as we did for ConnectMe Car Finance. Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your industry presence.

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Peter O’Brien - CMO, Go Zero Charge

Their dedication to the project went above and beyond at every step.

Marketing & Project Lead, Risk Management Firm

They’ve made sure our website was up-to-par, if not better, with the leading competitors in our field.

Ed Nelson - Founder, Pace Commerce Ltd

Not only did they fully grasp what we wanted, but they delivered the project flawlessly, on time, and within budget.

Ashley Ingle - CEO, Profit Matters

The response times were top-notch, but their workmanship and quality were exceptional.

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**Guarantee Disclaimer:** Our conversion rate improvement guarantee is subject to certain terms and conditions. Please refer to our guarantee policy for detailed information.