We’ll get their attention. You’ll get the kudos.

Every story needs a good hook. Just as every business needs a good sales pitch.

We know how disheartening it can be when your sales message falls on deaf ears. It’s our job to tell your story in a way that appeals to your buyer. We craft content that captures attention, engages minds and resonates with your audience, in a tone of voice that reflects who you are as a business, so that your messaging is received loud and clear.

We understand how difficult converting sales online can be when your messaging misses the mark.

The Pain Point

The main point is the pain point. Are you hitting your customer’s number one pain point when they land on your site? Are you communicating the benefits of your offering? Are you explaining the difference between you and your competition?

Tone of Voice

It’s important to remember that your tone of voice reflects who your business is – what your values are and what you stand for. When your customer gets a feel for this, they’ll resonate with you, form a bond with you and continue to come back.

Copy Persuasion

It’s important to get the perfect balance between informing, connecting and selling within your content. Your customer needs a good combination of all three in order to make an informed buying choice. Get the balance right and you’ll reap the rewards.

The Digita Way

At Digita we know that small businesses aren’t getting the leads and sales they need from their online presence.

We create effective messaging, world-class design and industry specific strategy, helping businesses accelerate the customer and sales cycle – guaranteed.

Find more customers and sales online

See what we did for:

Creating a new brand strategy, identity and digital website for a Montreal based accounting firm.

Cut through competitor noise

See what we did for:

PMI Alliance Group
Creating a new responsive website design and build for a Canadian Insurance firm.

Be found in search and rank higher

See what we did for:

Creating a dynamic digital website that resonates with their target market.

Repositioning & Messaging

You’re only ever one click away from your competition.

Well written copy can hook leads and convert sales before your customer has time (or the desire) to look elsewhere.

Don’t take our word for it

Peter O’Brien - Chief Marketing Officer at Go Zero Charge

Their dedication to the project went above and beyond at every step.

Marketing & Project Lead, Risk Management Firm

They’ve made sure our website was up-to-par, if not better, with the leading competitors in our field.

Ed Nelson - Founder, Pace Commerce Ltd

Not only did they fully grasp what we wanted, but they delivered the project flawlessly, on time, and within budget.

Ashley Ingle - CEO, Profit Matters

The response times were top-notch, but their workmanship and quality were exceptional.

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